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Dr. Céline Nauges

Ph.D., Economics, University of Toulouse (France), 1999.

Curriculum Vitae (updated July 2015)

Research Interests

Microeconometrics applied to agriculture, natural resources, and environmental management; Urban water management in developed and in developing countries; Risk and uncertainty in agriculture.

Recent Working Papers

Recent Publications and Forthcoming Papers

  • "The impact of perceptions in averting-decision models: an application of the special regressor method to drinking water choices," (with Christophe Bontemps), American Journal of Agricultural Economics, forthcoming.
  • "Water hauling and girls' school attendance: some new evidence from Ghana," (with Jon Strand), Environmental and Resource Economics, forthcoming.
  • "Pesticide handling practices: The case of coffee growers in Papua New Guinea," (with Maria Belen Zapata Diomedi), Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, forthcoming.
  • "A diagnostic tool for estimating the incidence of subsidies delivered by water utilities in low- and medium-income countries, with illustrative simulations,” (with Dale Whittington, David Fuente, and Xun Wu), Utilities Policy, 2015, 34: 70-81.
  • "Farmers' exposure to risk and their temporary water trading," (with Alec Zuo and Sarah Wheeler), European Review of Agricultural Economics, 2015, 42(1): 1-24.
  • "Evaluating greening farm policies: a structural model for assessing agri-environmental subsidies," (with Marita Laukkanen), Land Economics, 2014, 90(3): 458-481.
  • "Technical efficiency and conversion to organic farming: the case of France," (with Laure Latruffe), European Review of Agricultural Economics, 2014, 41(2): 227–253.
  • "Information transmission in irrigation technology adoption and diffusion: social learning, extension services and spatial effects," (with Phoebe Koundouri, Margarita Genius and Vangelis Tzouvelekas), American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 2014, 96(1): 328-344.
  • "Households' pro-environmental habits and investments in water and energy consumption: determinants and relationships," (with Maria A. García Valiñas and Roberto Martínez-Espiñeira), Journal of Environmental Management, 2014, 133: 174-183.
  • "The willingness to pay for access to piped water: A hedonic analysis of house prices in Southwest Sri Lanka," (with Caroline van den Berg), Letters in Spatial and Resource Sciences, 2012, 5:151-166.
  • "Uncertainty and technical efficiency in Finnish agriculture: A state-contingent approach," (with Christopher O'Donnell and John Quiggin), European Review of Agricultural Economics, 2011, 38(4): 449-467.
  • "Environmental and production cost impacts of no-till in Finland: Estimates from observed behavior," (with Marita Laukkanen), Land Economics, 2011, 87(3): 508-527.
  • "Arsenic mitigation in Bangladesh: A household labor market approach," (with Richard Carson and Phoebe Koundouri), American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 2011, 93(2): 407-414.
  • "Estimation of water demand in developing countries: An overview," (with Dale Whittington), World Bank Research Observer, 2010, 25(2): 263-294.